I have developed the following workshops and am looking for opportunities to present them. I am not asking/expecting to be paid to present a workshop. All I am asking is to have copies of my books available for sale.

                                                     Steps to Success

Workshop designed for anyone involved in any type of business or ministry.

Goal: To help individuals define and achieve success in their endeavors.

Workshop will cover:

  • Need for an individualized definition of success.
  • Need for individualized measurements of success.
  • Necessary ingredients for success.


                                       Therapy & Recovery: Paths to Healing

Workshop designed for anyone seeking healing for any emotional, behavioral and/or relational problems.

Goal: To give individuals seeking healing a framework for choosing a path which will most effectively meet their needs.

Workshop will cover:

  • Similarities and differences between psychotherapy, secular recovery and Christ-centered recovery.
  • Inherent benefits and limits of each.
  • Examples of how they can complement each other to provide individuals with a holistic path to healing.

*Important Note: Throughout this workshop, whenever therapy is mentioned, it refers specifically to secular psychotherapy with a trained and licensed professional, such as a psychologist, clinical social worker, professional counselor, or psychiatrist. It does not refer to any particular school of thought regarding therapy or to any particular therapeutic approach, technique, or method.

                                               Discover & Live Your Purpose 

Workshop designed for anyone seeking direction and purpose for his/her life.

Goal: To help individuals identify the unique contributions they were created for and designed to make.

The workshop will cover:

  • A process which can be followed to discover one’s purpose.
  • Obstacles to discovering one’s purpose.
  • How to overcome those obstacles.
  • Obstacles to living one’s purpose.
  • How to overcome those obstacles.

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