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Excerpt, When Going with the Flow Isn’t Enough:

…the church failed women by not taking the lead in setting women free as Christ intended. Rather, the church has allowed the world to take the lead and has followed its example. Well, the world, at least the United States, is now leading in a new direction regarding gender equality. My question to Christ followers now is: Are you willing to take a good, hard, honest look at the lens through which you view reality, and consider the possibility that maybe the values and beliefs you were taught growing up regarding the roles of the sexes is not actually what Christ taught?



I would like to update you re: a new endeavor I will begin in the new year. I will be volunteering for She’s Somebody’s Daughter, an organization in Harrisburg PA dedicated to coming against the sex trafficking and pornography industries.

In order to be an effective volunteer I needed to educate myself. I accomplished this by reading the following 4 books: Somebody’s Daughter, The Hidden Story of America’s Prostituted Children and the Battle to Save Them by Julian Sher; The White Umbrella, Walking with Survivors of Sex Trafficking by Mary Frances Bowley; The Johns by Victor Malarek; and Surfing for God, Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle by Michael J. Cusick. Before I begin my volunteer work I am going to read one more book, Girls Like Us, Fighting for a World Where Girls Are Not For Sale by Rachel Lloyd. Needless to say, none of these are light reading.

I read these books and will be doing this volunteer work because in 2014 God lit a fire in my heart to set His daughter’s free. My first response to this prompting was to write When Going with the Flow Isn’t Enough. Volunteering for She’s Somebody’s Daughter is my second response.

I had dinner with some women friends last night and the question “Is the United States ready for a woman president?” was raised. That question fills me with sadness and reminds me how far we still need to go in the struggle for gender equality.

Excerpt from When Going with the Flow Isn’t Enough:

“Though tremendous legislative strides have been made regarding both racial and gender equality, it is sad but true to acknowledge that racism and sexism still exist. They exist because “isms” are not legal conditions, they are heart conditions and legislation does not change hearts. Civil rights legislation taught us that. I believe that if sexism and racism are to truly come to an end, hearts need to change in a way that leaves people color blind and gender blind, seeing each other as equal, different yet equal.”



Earlier today I spoke with a woman who told me that a number of years ago she had definitive evidence that her husband was having an affair. She went to her pastor for help, asking him to speak with her husband. Her pastor told her “If he was getting some at home he wouldn’t need to go elsewhere.” I am so outraged that the pastor actually said this I can hardly stand it. The reality of a male pastor blaming a woman for her husband’s immoral behavior rather than holding the man (who, by the way,was an elder in the church) accountable is more than discouraging. It is downright outrageous. I can only hope that the recent “me too” movement and the resultant actions by legal authorities to hold men accountable for their behavior will teach this and other male pastors to hold individuals accountable for their own behavior, rather than blaming others.

It may surprise some people to know that not all Christ-followers are conservative and vote Republican. I believe that Jesus calls His followers to love liberally.

Love Thy Neighbor …
Thy Homeless Neighbor
Thy Muslim Neighbor
Thy Black Neighbor
Thy Gay Neighbor
Thy Immigrant Neighbor
Thy Jewish Neighbor
Thy Christian Neighbor
Thy Atheist Neighbor
Thy Disabled Neighbor
Thy Addicted Neighbor

It is important to remember that we can love and accept people for WHO they are, without accepting WHAT they do.

I just finished reading From the Ground Up by Howard Schultz. It was excellent. I highly recommend it. Excerpt:

“…the misplaced priorities of President Trump and his administration do not represent the priorities of the majority of Americans. And while there are heroes who hold office, members of both parties, Democrats and Republicans, have been complicit in the fracturing of trust that has plagued our political system for years now…the prejudice, inequality, and broken systems that do exist are wrong and dangerous. As Americans, they anger and shame so many of us…We must see beyond what is in front of us. We must reimagine the promise of America. How? By using empathy to try to understand, raising our voices to condemn darkness, and casting our votes to choose the kind of leadership we want our grandchildren to grow up with.”

I just finished reading Michelle Obama’s book Becoming. I highly recommend it. Gave me a real sense of who both she and her husband are as people, not political figures.

The following statement of hers resonated deeply with me: “Meeting Nelson Mandela gave me the perspective I needed…that real change happens slowly, not just over months and years but over decades and lifetimes.”

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