Though tremendous legislative strides have been made regarding gender inequality in the United States, sexism still exists AND, the Christian church has played a major role in maintaining its existence. This will change when and if individuals swim upstream against the status quo in their churches, refusing to let opposition stop them. Swim up stream front

Just as Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg made women equal to men in the eyes of the law, people need to step forward who will work toward making women equal to men in the eyes of the church. Sexism will truly come to an end when Christians become gender-blind, seeing each other as equal—different yet equal.

The stories of individuals who made significant contributions to both the civil rights movement and the women’s rights movement fill this book in the hope that their stories will encourage you to swim upstream against gender inequality in your church.


As we walk with Christ there are times he calls us to wait and there are times he calls us to act. When Doing Isnt Enough Book CoverAt various times during her walk with Christ, Mary has experienced both times of waiting and times of acting. This book is about the waiting times.

Waiting is not popular in our modern society. Immediate gratification is popular. We want what we want now, and we do everything possible to get whatever it is we want right away and avoid waiting. God however, appears to like waiting and seems to require it of anyone who will be used by him, particularly those who will be used in a significant way. With the exception of Jesus, each of the individuals (both biblical and modern-day) discussed in this book is an ordinary human being. They are not super heroes or extraordinary people. They are ordinary human beings called to do extraordinary things and prepared by God to accomplish these things. Part of that preparation was a time of waiting.

Are you waiting for something or someone? If so, this book is for you. Whether you are waiting by choice or by circumstance, God will use the waiting time to grow your character if you allow him to do so.


Have you invested time and money in counseling or therapy and still have this nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right? Do you have an emptiness inside that never seems to be filled no matter what you do? Do you have hurt and fear that continue to linger no matter how many issues have been resolved? If so, When Therapy Isn’t Enough is for you.

I spent many years and many dollars as a client in therapy. I also worked as a psychotherapist for many years, and I now believe that therapy isn’t enough. I don’t, however, consider my therapy time and money to have been wasted. Psychotherapy taught me to identify my unhealthy thought patterns and behavior patterns, helped me to understand why I had developed those unhealthy patterns, and helped me change them to healthy ones. What psychotherapy didn’t do, though, was give me a sense of value and purpose. Through the help of psychotherapy, I was able to change on the outside. My inside, my heart, however, remained untouched.  God, through Celebrate Recovery, healed my heart and gave me a sense of value and purpose. Nothing can compare to the peace and the joy you experience when you are walking in the will of God for your life, when you know you are right where you are supposed to be, doing exactly what you were created to do, fulfilling his purpose for your life.

My hope and my prayer for each person who reads When Therapy Isn’t Enough is that you will allow God to heal you of your hurts, habits and hang-ups so you can discover his purpose for your life, walk in his will for you, and experience that peace and joy.


If you go to church and feel the same when you go out as you did when you went in, something is missing. That something may be relationship. So ……….

  • If you do not understand the difference between religion and relationship ……
  • If your church experience leaves you feeling dissatisfied and empty ……………..
  • If you are not sure whether or not you have a relationship with God ……………..
  • If you want to have a relationship with God and don’t know how …………………..
  • If you have a relationship with God and want it to be deeper …………………………
  • If any of this is tugging at your insides or raising your eyebrows or quickening your pulse …………………………………

                                                                             …………. When Religion Isn’t Enough is for you.

From the beginning of time, God invited the human beings he created to be in relationship with him. His intention was never to give religion to the human race. His intention was to offer human beings a relationship with himself that was personal and intimate. God rejoices when someone enters into a relationship with him, becoming part of his family.

Those of us who are human parents give our children rules to live by because we love them. The rules provide needed boundaries, protecting and guiding them. In turn, we want our children to follow our rules because they love us and value the relationship they have with us. The same is true for our heavenly parent. When God gave the Israelites, his chosen people, his family, rules to live by he was taking care of them, protecting them. He never meant for the rules to replace the relationship he had with them. Somewhere along the line the Israelites got the idea that they had only to follow God’s rules to be acceptable to him and to become part of his family. When people started misunderstanding the purpose of God’s laws, and then started acting off that misunderstanding, religion was born.

 Important Note: When I speak of religion, I am not referring to any particular denomination. Throughout this book, whenever religion is mentioned, I am referring to  Bruxy Cavey’s definition of religion which is “any system of rules, regulations, rituals, and routines that people use to achieve their spiritual end-goal.”

My hope and my prayer for each person who reads When Religion Isn’t Enough is that you will enter into a personal relationship with God through Christ and experience a freedom and a peace that only God can give.


Is Jesus the head of your church body or denomination? You may think he is, but is he really? How can you tell? The definitive mark of whether or not human beings are truly allowing Jesus to be the head of the church is when individuals who are gifted to lead, lead, and individuals who are gifted to teach, teach: regardless of their gender.

When-The-Glass-Ceiling-is-Stained-7When God grabbed hold of Mary Detweiler he let her know that he had given her the spiritual gift of leadership.  He also revealed to her the purpose for which he had given her that gift. When she attempted to live out that purpose she encountered many obstacles. One of the obstacles she encountered was the stained glass ceiling. As she continually bumped up against the stained glass ceiling she began to understand the difference between leading and managing. The difference between ordination and anointing also became clear to her. She is sharing her experiences and the lessons she learned from those experiences in the hope that other women who have been given the spiritual gift of leadership will somehow benefit from one or both.

This is not a book about women’s rights or affirmative action. It is a book about spiritual liberation. Mary advocates for allowing Christ to truly be the head of the church through the leading of the Holy Spirit.


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  1. Enjoyed this. Some really good thoughts. Oh the joy to see through His eyes and ways and not man’s. The truth does set us free.

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