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Have you invested time and money in counseling or therapy and still have this nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right? Do you have an emptiness inside that never seems to be filled no matter what you do? Are you unable to shake depression, anxiety, or anger? Do destructive habits or crippling hang-ups have such a hold on you that you can’t seem to break them?
Therapy front cover
If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. It compares and contrasts psychotherapy, secular recovery and Christ-centered recovery, and is written from my perspective of having been both a therapist and a therapy client, as well as a Celebrate Recovery leader and participant. I also explain how my sense of internal emptiness was transformed into a sense of purpose and passion, and how I found worth and value in a most unexpected place, or rather in an unexpected relationship.

Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1625861117/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1531867727&sr=1-2&keywords=When+Therapy+Isn%27t+Enough



Though tremendous legislative strides have been made regarding gender inequality in the United States, sexism still exists AND, the Christian church has played a major role in maintaining its existence. This will change when and if individuals swim upstream against the status quo in their churches, refusing to let opposition stop them. Swim up stream front

Just as Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg made women equal to men in the eyes of the law, people need to step forward who will work toward making women equal to men in the eyes of the church. Sexism will truly come to an end when Christians become gender-blind, seeing each other as equal—different yet equal.

The stories of individuals who made significant contributions to both the civil rights movement and the women’s rights movement fill this book in the hope that their stories will encourage you to swim upstream against gender inequality in your church.

Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/When-Going-Flow-Enough-Upstream/dp/1625860714/



As we walk with Christ there are times he calls us to wait and there are times he calls us to act. When Doing Isnt Enough Book CoverAt various times during her walk with Christ, Mary has experienced both times of waiting and times of acting. This book is about the waiting times.

Waiting is not popular in our modern society. Immediate gratification is popular. We want what we want now, and we do everything possible to get whatever it is we want right away and avoid waiting. God however, appears to like waiting and seems to require it of anyone who will be used by him, particularly those who will be used in a significant way. With the exception of Jesus, each of the individuals (both biblical and modern-day) discussed in this book is an ordinary human being. They are not super heroes or extraordinary people. They are ordinary human beings called to do extraordinary things and prepared by God to accomplish these things. Part of that preparation was a time of waiting.

Are you waiting for something or someone? If so, this book is for you. Whether you are waiting by choice or by circumstance, God will use the waiting time to grow your character if you allow him to do so.

Link to purchase: https://www.amazon.com/When-Doing-Enough-Waiting-Plenty/dp/1625860838/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1508523850&sr=8-3&keywords=books+by+mary+detweiler



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  1. Enjoyed this. Some really good thoughts. Oh the joy to see through His eyes and ways and not man’s. The truth does set us free.

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