Cheryl Robinson’s first two books,  And, Not Only That and In A Year’s Time, are novels about believable people facing challenges similar to the challenges many of us face as we walk through life. It is also about how their very real and tangible faith in God helped them face and overcome these challenges rather than getting mired down in them and letting the challenges and/or struggles define them.

And, Not Only That begins the story of three friends (Janole, Lynn and Tam) who meet in college and establish lifelong friendships. In A Year’s Time picks up their stories right where And, Not Only That ended. The characters are full-bodied and multi-dimensional. The dialogue is natural and believable. As I was reading the books I could see and hear the characters in my mind. Each book grabbed my attention on the first page and held it to the very last page. I was actually disappointed when I reached the end of each book.

Favorite quotes from And, Not Only That:

  • “Years later, Janole would look back on the memory of this young couple with tender compassion. Though they loved each other deeply, they simply weren’t equipped to handle issues that challenged the core of their beliefs and principles…The older and wiser Janole would ask, ‘did either of you seek God’s will and direction for your life?’ But she knows the answer. They had not.”
  • “She had been so busy finding her way that perhaps, ironically, she had lost her way.”
  • “…life, at times, can be mocking and unmerciful especially when the warning signs are ignored. No do-overs allowed.”

Favorite quotes from In A Year’s Time:

  • “God didn’t just speak to her, however. Miraculously, He infused Himself into her spirit such that peace replaced the desperation, a sense of calm replaced the anxiousness, and courage replaced fear.”
  • “Her arduous journey to recovery began when she left Paul to find herself. And, though it was a necessary journey, her greatest fear throughout was that Paul would not wait for her…that he would give up on her and their marriage. But, he hadn’t and neither had God. It was as if God was waiting on her to take the first step of faith. And after that initial step, He revealed himself to her–and Paul–in ways completely unexpected.”
  • “It was clear what she needed to do. She would be the prayer warrior for her son, her brother, her sister-in-law, and her dear friend. She would fight for them each day…in prayer. She already felt victorious and in the privacy of her home she continued to praise God. And, the more she praised Him the more she received. She gained new insight, joy, increased fortitude and a divine revelation. It could only be explained as a mountaintop experience. She was no longer worried, but encouraged and inspired.”

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